Leonard B. Mayfield

Leonard B. Mayfield, Medford Sports Hall of FameMr. Mayfield proudly boasted being a fourth generation of Mayfield’s to have lived in Oregon and he was a man we Oregonian’s (especially here is Medford) benefited by his touching upon our lives. Starting an athletic career as captain of his Oregon City High School football team, he went onto the University of Oregon on a football scholarship. Injuring his knee his sophomore year, he was unable to continue as a participant but coached the Springfield High team while a junior and senior at Oregon.

As principal of Medford Senior High at the beginning of WW2, Mr. Mayfield’s message to the student body held great impact on those of us who were facing a future of insecurity. “In these trying times of general upheaval and unrest, because of a war that was forced upon the entire world, all-out action based on intelligent loyalty will be required to see us through to victory. Every citizen – Man, woman, and child – is going to be called upon to make many sacrifices and to experience many deprivations. We who work with you of Medford High school have every confidence that you will not only do your share gladly and eagerly but will also help set the pace for others.’

In August of 1954, Mr. Mayfield because assistant superintendent of School District 49. One year later he replaced Mr. Hedrick who he acknowledged as being “the dean of Oregon educators”. As superintendent, he combined “the best of the old with the best of the new” to further improve the athletic and educational programs in Medford. Medford’s 1962 yearbook said of him “This dynamic education leader had high professional status, not only in Oregon, but throughout the country.”