Samuel Gordon Colton

Samuel Gordon Colton, Medford Sports Hall of FameJune 10, 1925, 3500 National Guardsmen pulled into Medford to set up for their two weeks training program. The beauty of the area and friendliness of the city changed Sam’s course in life. Shortly after training camp was over, he applied for a job with Medford Stationary. Eighteen months later he and a partner, Rosy Shreve, opened their own store at 115 West Main, handling stationery and office equipment.

Having played softball for many years, as well as being known for his boxing and wrestling, Sam joined a team in the Medford League. In 1927 he sponsored and formed a team which he managed and pitched. “Your Office Boy” became one of the best teams in the league for many years. Members of Medford’s Your Office Boy aggregation which claimed the mantle in 1936 were, Dick Lewis, Jerry Trill, Sam Van Dyke, Ray Lewis, Jack Hughs, Lewis Campbell, Sam Colton, Dick Sakraida and Virgil Swanson; some of Medford greats.

Sam was instrumental in the progress of improving playing conditions from the days when they played twilight ball on VanScoy Field at McLaughlin Junior High; in the late 20s moving their playing field to the Medford High stadium; in the early 30s to playing under the lights. The softball association provided the money ($2500.00) to get the job done.