Chuck Mettler

Chuck Mettler, Medford Sports Hall of FameChuck Mettler moved to Medford in 1964 and in 1969 opened his own business, Modern Appliance. He and his wife raised four children in Medford, three sons who participated in sports in the Medford system and a daughter who was a cheerleader on the Rally Squad.

Becoming involved in the Medford Line­backers, Chuck served as program director in 1975 and president in 1976. His involvement and leadership in Linebackers have helped to support athletics in the Medford area over the past twenty years. He was chairman of the first fund drive to raise money to replace the turf at Spiegelberg Stadium, instrumental in the fund drive to place a new lighting system at the Spiegelberg Stadium and was a committee member in the fund drive to put in the track at Bowerman Field.  He worked diligently in helping appropriate monies to resurface the Newland Track.

Although Chuck was not on the Medford Sports Hall of Fame committee in 1985, the committee soon realized that a call to Chuck Mettler was all it took to accomplish many of the tasks facing them. He served unerringly.

Long time supporter of athletics and youth programs in this community Chuck’s last working role was in the capacity of working with the Rogue Family YMCA as their Community Youth Sports Director.