Edwin Russell Durno

Edwin Russell Durno, Medford Sports Hall of FameEddie Durno was a graduate of Silverton High School, University of Oregon, and Harvard University.

Eddie, the outstanding basketball player, also played baseball and football while attending the University of Oregon, but it was his skill on the maple courts that set him apart as one of the best players of all-time. In 1919, 20 and 21, he was voted All-Pacific Coast, All-Northwest, team captain and All-American in 1921.

“Edwin R.  Durno, M.D., is undoubtedly more widely known for his work as a doctor and his stint as a U.S. Congressman and Oregon State Senator, than for his year as head coach at Medford High School. However, the record he established in one year is worthy of note. Put very simply; he turned out a football team second to none in the Northwest among high school teams. As head of the Athletic Department, he also coached a basketball team of state championship quality.” from the book Sixty Years of Medford High School Football.